Solventdreams in finishing stages of CG feature “Disaster!”


LOS ANGELES. February 18, 2005   Boutique post company Solventdreams approaches final months of CG feature, Disaster! Dream Entertainment and Lost Canyon Films contracted Solventdreams early in the development stage of the film by to comprehensively produce for post on the stop motion feature.  For the last 2 years, producers David Davidson and Sim Tuzun have supervised thousands of hours of visual effects creation for the independent project. With principle photography wrapped, the team will continue for 3 months to manage ongoing compositing, CGI, and color grading.


The film is a spoof of the Bruce Willis vehicle Armageddon, and any other disaster movie where the earth is un-imperiled by the stereotypical blue-collar father figure and the extended family of sophomoric miscreants.   Except this is all done with clay and without Ben Affleck.


The last claymation feature released was the idyllic Chicken Run, to which Disaster! is the ugly American opposite.  Disaster! is shot all digitally with still cameras, whereas other claymation is acquired on film.   Shot at 3.5k resolution (3500 x 2500 pixels per frame), the film takes up over 30 terabytes of storage yet is edited and composited with common off-the shelf computer hardware and software from Apple Computer.


The project is over 80% greenscreen, or material that requires visual effects compositing.  “We started compositing on day 1 of this film.  There isn’t a shot that comes in that we don’t manipulate frame by frame.  I don’t know of any other film that has anywhere near this much visual effects,” commented Ms. Tuzun.  “Ordinarily a visual effects feature has as many credits as the New Testament has passages.  All those names you watch at the end of Pixar films, in this case, will be missed in an eyeblink. What is exceptional is that we are doing it.  All 5 of us,” said Davidson who promptly lay down on the sofa.  “We do everything here: frame storage, editing, web dailies, dvds, sound, color, compositing, computer generated graphics, rotoscoping, titles, English classes.”


Motley Crue makes an appearance in the film, and material from Disaster! can be seen on the band’s Red, White and Crue tour that started this Friday.  “This was not our decision,” Davidson said shaking his head.  “but it suits those adults who are still dwelling on the lower parts of the body.”


Official Site                  Trailer             10 Minute Excerpt       Motley Crue Clip (Rated R)